small RNA-seq

Data was analyzed with bcbio-nextgen ( using piDNA to detect the adapter, cutadapt to remove it, STAR/bowtie to align against the genome and seqcluster to detect small RNA transcripts. miRNAs were detected using miraligner tool with miRBase as the reference miRNA database. tRNA profiles were detected using tdrmapper tool. mirdeep2 was used for discovery of novel miRNAs. FastQC was used for QC metrics and multiqc for reporting.

Download BIB format:


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For the alignment, add what you have used:

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If you used TopHat2 for alignment:

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If you have in the output novel miRNA discovering, add:

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If you have tRNA mapping output, add:

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If you have miRge activated:

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If you have MINTmap activated:

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